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Royal Purple Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds Royal Purple Kush Female Cannabis Seeds by Emerald Triangle Cannabis Seedbank, this Humboldt County Seed producer has its roots in some old genetics. Producing feminized seed of old school genetics really brings Emerald Triangle to the forefront, taking parents from 1970's to present day making the perfect mix between old and new. These completely female marijuana seeds compliment and add to Medicann Seeds - OG Kush CBD Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Ali Bongo Medicann Seeds - OG Kush CBD Feminised Cannabis Seeds Originally discovered in the hills of southern California, reputedly a phenotype of the original Chemdawg, this strain has become famous worldwide for the medicinal properties it holds as well as an intense uplifting high for those seeking relaxation. Kush Cannabis Seeds | The CHOICE Seed Bank

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Purple Ryder Auto - Seedsman - Seeds66 Hier haben wir die Purple Ryder Auto Hanfsamen von Seedsman.Es ist nicht nur eine Freude ihr beim wachsen zuzusehen sondern auch sie zu rauchen. Diese neuen verbesserten selbstblühende Hanfsamen produzieren brillante lila Knospen während die Blätter Grün bleiben. Die Pflanze hat einen wunderbaren Blumenduft nach frischen süßen Veilchen

When they moved to begin retailing their own lines they chose marihuana strains from pioneering breeders, most of whom are known worldwide for their breeding skills but also some who prefer to remain nameless: their plan was to help their breeder friends package, market and sell their cannabis seeds to the large customer base Seedsman had grown.

Compact, fast-flowering and dense buds with plenty of THC and CBD: Master Kush Regular by White Label is a classical indica plant that smells of black hashish (charas). Master Kush Regular by White Label growth pattern High above the rooftops of Afghanistan, India and Pakistan is a mountains range of raw beauty. The Hindu Kush is home to the Buy City Seeds Bank Special Kush - Cannabis Seeds The Special Kush is genetically programmed to take up any space. Attention should be paid so that she doesn’t overgrow the available space indoors, outdoor this beauty can grow up to 3 meters tall. The Special Kush Feminized is Indica-dominant (70%), she contains 17% of THC and has a low CBD-level. The indoor yield should be around 475-525

Buying the Best Kush Seeds. Here at Seed Supreme, we exclusively offer the highest quality Kush seeds money can buy, sourced from leading breeders and engineers worldwide. If looking to grow outstanding Kush for medical or recreational purposes, it all starts with premium seeds and genetics you can count on.

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