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DENVER, Jan. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Privy Peach, a women-centric CBD brand based out of Colorado, is excited to announce the re-release of their highly sought after intimate oil with increased Between the Sheets: Steamy Gifts to Warm Up Your Winter | OUT Privy Peach’s Coco Jambo This infused, exploratory lube is amazing for anyone but especially for people looking to explore anal pleasure. The CBD in the lube helps make penetration more pleasurable and minimizes any associated pain. It also has the amazing smell of cocoa butter. Not only will you feel great, but you can rest assured that Hemp Infused Massage Oil - Privy Peach - Go Green Botanicals Take your sex life to new heights with sensation enhancing Erotic Topical Oil. Our unique formula uses the incredible circulation boosting power of CBD and combines it with well known aphrodisiac essential oils that will make you squeal with delight. Shop CBDN CBD+NC is a superstore carrying CBD products from chews, gummies, oils and creams to hemp apparel, pet products and much more. Suppliers to the store include HempAuthority, CBDRUS, Giraffe Nut, ShopCBDNow, EarthDog, From the Field, Altitude Products, Adventure Industries and Privy Peach.

CBD won't get you high, and THC will — so THC-infused lubes are only available in certain states (thanks, Refinery29's California office, for helping us test them out!).

Jun 28, 2019 CBD Lubes are bound to lead to stronger orgasms and help you spice up your sex life. Find top CBD Personal Lubricant by Privy Peach. Essentially, CBD lube is a lubricant formula that has been infused with CBD oil. created by Velvet Swing is a little bit more comprehensive than Privy Peach.

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Feb 16, 2019 The reproductive organs have a surprising number of cannabinoid receptors, making CBD lubricants a great option for improving satisfaction in  Jan 23, 2018 After launching a line of hemp-CBD products this month, Kim Koehler is Privy Peach founder Kim Koehler made the lube to help her with pain  Yes, CBD lubes are a thing, and thank goodness they are because the mounting reviews have been astounding. Users experiencing Because it is coconut oil-based, Privy Peach's CBD oil cannot be used with latex condoms. For this reason  Nov 13, 2018 These CBD lubes utilize the properties of CBD to increase blood flow and Like Velvet Swing, this little box from Privy Peach made a lot of  Feb 19, 2019 If you're looking for products with CBD that can enhance your sex life, we've got a few suggestions. CBD-infused lube, $45 at Privy Peach  CBD lubricants have also changed the game quite a bit and is just one more Some are even better suited for skin arousal, like the Privy Peach Sensation 

Privy Peach‏ @PrivyPeach 12 Jun 2019. More We've been getting nothing but rave reviews since we released our #cbdlube this year. Yoni Love is a rich CBD 

CBD As a Sex Lube [Enjoy the Sexual Experience More] CBD is primarily used for medicinal purposes and comes in oil, edible, balm, and capsule form among other things. One thing you may not know is that CBD is also becoming popular as a sex lube! Kim Koehler, the founder of Privy Peach, was the talk of Denver’s Indo Expo in January 2018 when she launched a unique line of CBD-infused products. About - Privy Peach As CBD becomes more mainstream, as it is, rapidly, I feel you will see this gem that is a part of the cannabis plant being infused into all kinds of cosmetics, foods, hair products, and more. Privy Peach has already changed several lives, especially my own, and I am honored and proud to be part of this CBD movement. Best Weed Lube: Reviews From Real Couples After Sex CBD won't get you high, and THC will — so THC-infused lubes are only available in certain states (thanks, Refinery29's California office, for helping us test them out!). Privy Peach CBD Intimate Oil Box | One Love Hemp Dispensary